First Days

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Although I didn't sleep but one hour on the eleven hour flight, which was after twelve hours of traveling thus far, we got to our little motel, a Hogwan in the center of downtown Seoul, alright on Friday. The thin mats that were laid out on the wood flooring, 'yos' they are called, came as great comfort after the long plane ride. We slept a usual night's sleep only before awaking to the loud hammering of the typical construction work that occurs at 4 am on small dark downtown streets. It sounded as if they were actually using a jackhammer on the tile of our little bathroom five feet away, but apparently the windows were a bit less than soundproof. Later, the loud hustling and chatting of Koreans rushing off to work and school woke us at a more decent hour. Despite the fact that both Justin and I needed to significantly bend our knees in order to even attempt looking in the mirror in the bathroom, we got along great there the first day.