Namdaemun Market Sights

Namdaemun Market
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We spent the weekend wandering around downtown Seoul where our school is located. Also, we ventured through the Itaewon area where our apartment will be, just behind and up the hill from Pizza Hut and the North Face store. We haven't seen it yet, but from the photos it looks good.
The Namdaemun market in downtown was full of interesting smells and sights, such as halves of pig's heads, live newts and eels for sale, pots of KimChee full of feasting flies and all sorts of unknown animal parts. I'm not sure if I saw the cooking larvae but I'm almost certain I smelled it. What suprised me, was that the various parts of the market seem to be very organized into their own section based on types of goods, a change from the Italian markets I frequented in Rome. I found the art supplies alley and was quickly infactuated with one small store's various stationary and ink pens.