First Mistake

Our only mistake in the past days was switching to a cheaper motel, called a guesthouse, the second day near Seoul Station, which turned out to be downgrading sigificantly from our first, in terms of mosquitoes and the grostesque smell and state of our shower/bathroom. After the first night I had about four bug bites on the left side of my face. It took some getting used to, but we survived three nights there. We even managed to make friends with the old man who ran it, who was constantly sputtering in Korean despite our confused smiles. The day we left he walked with Justin to hail a cab near the train station to take us to our apartment in Itaewon. When we were leaving we politely thanked him "Kamsa Hamnida" and he managed in English "Thank you. Come back soon!"


Myong Dong

It is certainly true what they say about Korea and its dynamic quality. Right down the road from the Namdaemun market is Myong Dong, the cleaner more contemporary style shopping area. Myong Dong includes various Starbucks, TGI Fridays and Outback Steakhouses. In fact, as Dennis (a former LTRC teacher) pointed out there are two diffrent Outback Steakhouses on a Myong Dong street only fifteen feet apart from each other. If they use the same kitchen, I don't know but in any case it wouldn't be a big one. A high class fitness center sits along the main thoroughfare in Myong dong, with a four story tall glass facade, exposing the elite on their treadmills and stairmasters. Although the stores are for the most part not all brand names, they are quite inviting through a Westerner's eyes. By this I mean they are all mostly multi-level with clean and contemporary looking storefronts and nicely dressed English speaking salespeople.