Classes Begin

We began classes last week. At first the thought of being in front of a class full of children who don't speak English was a bit frightening, but I soon got over that the first day when my first class (a beginning lower level) began horribly misbehaving. Sae Hihm has soon become my worst student, unable to keep his hands off anyone who sits next to him. He has recently become accustomed to being isolated directly in front of me, two chairs from the other children on either side of him. And yet he still manages to disrupt the class.

Overall my classes are great. Korean children are hardly different from children anywhere else. The middleschoolers (teenagers) are for the most part sullen and bored half the time, the elementary school boys try their hardest to physically harm and annoy their fellow male classmates, and the elementary school girls try their hardest to impress the teacher and ignore the disruptive boys. Also, if I even try and pair a girl with a boy at any age, from the looks I get, it would seem I have sentenced them to death. They regard the opposite sex as if they were another species. Despite the fact that they have already had about 8 hours of class bfore they step into my classroom that day, they still manage to somewhat pay attention and do their work.