Kaap Rugby

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Saturday Justin and I played touch rugby, on a team made up of Kiwi, Canadian and American teachers from our school. We played in a tournament against other English-speaking teams on at at the Riverside sports park on Youido island on the river Han-gang. Before the first game, Kyle taught me the rules in about ten minutes. I think I did alright, only spraining my pinkie finger. It was quite fun running around trying not to slide too far in the mud puddles. It had just downpoured about an hour before it began.
The first game I played was a tie, the ref was a moron and the other team was cheating. The second game I played we beat a US Military team. On one play I even mistakenly tackled (actually fell on top of) one guy, as he slid on the ground before I could touch him out.
I'm working on a t-shirt design for the team, named 'Kaap'.


Overseas Absentee Ballot

US Embassy Korea

I just figured out how to request my overseas ballot for the federal elections. It's quite simple, once you find the specifics for your state. Minnesota requires a passport number, or a notarization.
If you're living in Korea (and not part of the military), go to the US Embassy site above and click on the FVAP's main website. There you will find a link's to every state, which will include its specific requirements. Also, you can find the link to the online version of the FPCA. For many states you are allowed to electronically fax the application (a 1-800 number is listed on the Federal Postcard Application), but you must do so 30 days before the election. Otherwise you need to send it to your county auditor. Hurry! Time is running out. We don't need another four years of misinforming 'evil-doer' talk from a president who talks in sentence fragments. "We'll git 'em!"