Eulwagni Beach

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The rest of the night we sat on the beach, drank some rice wine and
lit off fireworks with the masses of Korean couples and families doing exactly the same. You had to be careful walking down the beach, there were fireworks (big ones) flying everywhere. One small Korean boy, about four years old, kept running up to us and trying to kick our fireworks over (lit or unlit)! I chased him while he ran and laughed loudly back to his family down the beach.


Jamjindo Sunset

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From the Wharf at Yeongjong we took a small, very packed bus on rocky narrow roads through small villages. We told the bus driver, a very nice round man, we were going to Jamjindo but on the bus we had decided to just go further on the island to Eulwangni Beach to spend the night. He stopped and suddenly started talking loudly in Korean, motioning for us to get off and wait for another bus. We couldn't tell him that we didn't in fact want to go there, but instead to the beach town and he was so insistent, we just got off the bus. Dumb move. We had to walk a ways and then catch basically the same bus (not the same driver) the rest of the way to the beach. But I did manage to get this shot of Jamjindo at sunset.
We found a small yogwan to spend the night, put down our stuff and strolled down the waterfront road, full of fresh seafood restaurants and mini mart/fireworks stores. We ran into a man who spoke a little English. He was trying to get us to eat at his wife's fish restaurant but we said we couldn't afford it (it was really expensive).
After a bit of bargaining and pointing to the live fish in the tanks outside, Justin and the man came to an agreement; we were to have two of the black striped fish (?) for W30,000. The wife eagarly ran out to the tank, caught the fish with a net, went around this small brick wall in the restaurant, and dumped the fish on the ground. She then picked up a blunt wooden mallet and beat it down twice hard, making a really loud sound. Then she came back with a clever.
The three of us enjoyed the fish with some soju, wasabi, rice, clam soup and (what else?) kimchi.


Wolmido Ferry

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The last weekend Matt was here visiting, we decided to take a trip out to the Incheon Islands in the West Sea. Saturday we took the subway an hour and a half to Incheon. From there we took a bus to the Wolmido Port, which is a promenade strangely similar to the Santa Cruz boardwalk, with carnival rides, candy vendors, etc.
From Wolmido, we took a ferry to Yeongjongdo (the large island where the airport is). While waiting for the ferry we noticed most of the families buying big bags of shrimp chips. As we got onto the ferry we noticed low flying seagulls. Children and their parents began throwing the shrimp chips up in the air, while a seagull caught about one in every large handfull. Needless to say, with the force of the wind and with the ferry moving, there were shrimp chips flying all over the deck. Justin began holding up a single chip, letting the seagulls hover awhile and then quickly take it out of his hand. The people around us were thrilled and began doing the same. The ajashi in the photo was holding up his daughter while she shreaked everytime a seagull got near.